Cougar Women Know How Create What They Want

LindaFranklin01a Real Cougar Women know to get what they want they have to be willing to accept change.  Sure, it's natural for us to be afraid of change, but fear of the unknown is what keeps us stuck in unwanted situations. To get over the fear of change you have to face it head on. There are no shortcuts.  Yes, maybe there are short term solutions but they're not what you are looking for.

Change means you have to be ready to leap into the deep end of the pool?  Are you ready?  If you are here are seven leaps that will help you face change successfully.  And, over time, help you create your heart's desire.

For change to happen it's imperative that you forget about what you've been through in the past and start with a clean slate. Stop listening to other people and find out from your own experience what works for you.

 Always remember - "it's not about the cards you're dealt – it's how you play your hand."

The main challenge in creating what you want is staying ahead of the curve.  Nothing goes up in a straight line so you must have a system that allows you create the change you want, and at the same time, successfully make it through the changes that come without advance notice.

My "I CREATE" model is tremendous.  These are the 7 components of my model:

  • "I" is for IMAGINATION – Go for the gold!  Get your creative juices flowing
  • "C" is for CHOICE – Realize you get to choose what you want & how you feel
  • "R" is for ROLE PLAY – Fake it until you make it – Find a role model & copy what they do
  • "E" is for EDUCATION – Learn new skills – you are never too old to learn new tricks
  • "A" is for ACTION – Get off the fence and do it – indecision is crippling – action is empowering 
  • "T" is for TIME OUT – Be kind to yourself – every day do something just for you 
  • "E" is for ENDURANCE – Never give up.  Successful people never stop believing in themselves

This model works,  I have been using it for the past 30 years and the results have been fabulous.  Does it take discipline – sure it does – but what worthwhile endeavor doesn't?  


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