Cougar Women Feng Shui Their Bedroom For Romance

Anita rosenberg

Whether you're single or married the bedroom is the pivotal place where relationships can blossom or wither on the vine.

Feng Shui is one of the ways you can transform this most important room in your home into a magnet for romance.  Here are my suggestions on how to make the positive energy work for you. 

Make sure to have two bedside tables and two bedside lamps for equality.

Extend the grandeur of the bed with a bench or settee at the end.

Add seating in a bedroom along with a reading lamp.

Romance the bedroom with romantic art. Decorate with pairs because they hold the energy of relationships and duality.

Rose Quartz is a wonderful crystal that vibrates with your heart chakra. It stimulates passion as well as energy and confidence.

The only photos in a master bedroom should be romantic ones of you and your mate. If you are single, no photographs at all. No family shots, relatives, friends, or children.

Bedding should be soft and sumptuous in flesh tones like peaches and creams or coco and brown. Avoid cool colors like gray, black or blue. Red is too active except for decorative pillows.

You should also sleep with your head towards your Yan Nian or relationship direction (determined by your birth date).

Having your bed against a toilet wall is unhealthy.

No mirrors or reflective surfaces should be facing the bed. It amplifies being single.

No TV or computer because they emit harmful EMF frequencies.

No water features should be placed in a bedroom, these can cause loss.

If you want suggestions on how to transform you bedroom leave a comment and I will get back to you.




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