Cougar Women Love The At Home Tummy Tuck

Becky Wenner What Real Cougar woman doesn't want to firm and sculpt her tummy? 

To get rid of a tummy, several factors come into play.  First and foremost, your skin’s elasticity.  This will vary depending on your genetics, age, and how much weight you gained or still need to lose.  Keeping that in mind, understand that nutrition is the second most important factor here.  You really need to be sure you clean up your diet, eating mostly fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins.  Try to eat every three hours, and include a protein with each meal/snack.

Finally, cardio and strength training come into play.  The cardio is to ensure good calorie burn / weight loss and the strength training is to help you build the strength muscle to boost your metabolism and give you the sculpted flat stomach you are working for!  The most effective strength training exercises include planks, crunches, hanging leg raises and other core exercises.

My absolute favorite core / abdominal exercise is the Reverse Crunch.  It is challenging and will raise your heart rate to ensure maximum calorie burn as well as strengthen and sculpt your mid section.

Take a look at this video and then you can try it for yourself.



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