Cougar Women With MBA’s More Likely To Divorce

Business woman 2Women with MBA's are twice as likely to get divorced as their male counterparts.  And, women with medical or law degrees are not lagging far behind. So just maybe that's why a Real Cougar Woman isn't rushing to the altar. She's looking pretty closely at the risk/reward ratio and doesn't like her odds. 

Women are finally figuring out that jumping into a marriage because it's the expected thing to do isn't necessarily the best option. So, now a woman with the same job, making the same money as a man, is more likely to stay single.

Prof. Robin Fetwell Wilson, using a National Science Foundation survey of more than 100,000 professionals in law, business and medicine, concluded that a professional degree is hazardous to a marriage. Here's why.

A very accomplished woman is going to be attracted to a man with the same high profile. But, because she is so busy with her own career, she can't offer the wifely TLC that her high-powered man expects and needs.  When he starts to feel neglected and doesn't have the little woman to massage his ego he'll find someone else to fill that need.  Once that happens it's only a matter of time before the marriage is on a  downward spiral..

So what's the answer?  We all want to be loved and share our lives with someone who really cares about us, 

Here's one scenario that could work.  Instead of hooking up with a cloned male version of yourself, maybe you should be looking for someone who is less high-powered and more loving and supportive. That type of relationship might have a better chance of working out, especially now that you're older and wiser.  And, most importantly, now that you understand how important it is to be happy.


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