Cheating – Why Do Men Find It Harder To Forgive?

Angry-man-woman Cheating – it's never good but men find it incredibly difficult to forgive and forget if their woman has betrayed them. If you're a woman who is thinking about confessing about an indiscretion, the explosion of anger and grief that will follow, is probably worse than you imagine.  

While infidelity has traditionally been regarded as a masculine trait, an increasing number of women are cheating on their husbands. Financial equality plus more time spent at work are fueling this role reversal.

It wasn't so long ago that women would  have felt obliged to stick at an ailing marriage, these days they don't feel so compelled to stay. 

A surge in power may have propelled women to be unfaithful but the male attitude isn't changing quite so fast.  For a betrayed man, it's a slight against his manhood.

 It goes right to the core of his identity.  For men, the sexual component of their wife's affair is very important – they are more concerned about the sexual aspect than if their wife loved the man she slept with.

'I don't think a woman's reason for having an affiar is that different from a man's –  they're looking for attention, affection, emotional support that in that's going to lead to a sexual encounter.

My advice, before you make a mistake you might regret, try improving communication with your mate.  Tell him how you are feeling and see if you can work it out.  If you don't do this you might be headed for a blowup you are not prepared for.

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