Cougar Women Rocked At The More ReInvention Convention

More.reinvent Yesterday was a great day.  The 2010 More ReInvention Convention at Chelsea Piers in NYC was packed with fabulous females, all there to bond and to find answers on how to successfully handle Act Two of their lives.  

Over 500 women gathered to hear Christiane Amanpour, Anna Quindlen. Lee Woodruff,  Lynn Sherr, Lesley Jane Seymour and other accomplished women share their stories and tips on reinvention.  

I was lucky enough to have interviewed several of these great speakers, which certainly made my day. It was fun to give each one my 5-carat diamond key chain which they loved, especially when I told them a Real Cougar Woman is a brilliant and timeless as a 5-carat diamond. They all agreed and a few admitted they had dated younger men and fondly remember those relationships.

There were three things that stood out for me yesterday.  Three threads that were woven through all the conversations.  The women that I talked to agreed.

  • women need to take a greater role in learning to be financially independent
  • women need to come together and use our strong voice to tell the world what we want
  • women need to combat the fear factor and pursue their dreams

It was interesting just to watch what the women gravitated to yesterday. Armani was offering free makeup makeovers and there were hundreds of anxious females standing in line for that.  On the other hand, Wells Fargo was offering information on financial planning and nobody seemed to care.  

Thank you MORE for a great day.  I will have pictures and video to show all of you very soon.


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