Cougar Women Are Stripping Down – Is this Bad?

Helen MirrenHelen Mirren at 65, strips again in Love Ranch. This is the ninth film in which she has stripped. As you get older, she claims, it gets easier; there’s even, she says, ‘a liberation about it’.

Some women think this is fabulous while others think it's time for her, and other women of similar age, to send their girls back into hiding. 

Hollywood conducted a poll of Top 20 Nude Scenes and included for the first time women over 55: Diane Keaton and ­Charlotte Rampling, both in their 60s.  And don't forget Kim Cattrall, 54, who turned her body into a sushi platter for the first Sex and the City movie.

Meryl Streep, 61, recently affirmed that ‘sex scenes are forever young’, while Helen Mirren, 65 — ­presumably trying to retain her position ahead of the pack — is not only seen naked in Love Ranch, but also simulating sex while she’s at it.

So is this too much? Here's what a few of the Real Cougar Women in my community had to say:

"If the script calls for it, why not? She'll get jobs other women her age won't get because she's willing to do nudes. More power to her!"

"If Jack Nicholson can show his rear at his age, Helen can show hers. When will the double standard and hatred of a woman's (who isn't a size 2 or 25) body image stop?"

"That should be her decision, surely. At any age, it's a matter of self-confidence and what the role requires. Let's focus on what a great actress she is and trust that she knows what she is doing, all details taken into consideration. Others' commentaries are far less relevant…"

So there you have it – where do you stand on this naked or not dicussion?

One thought on “Cougar Women Are Stripping Down – Is this Bad?

  1. Frankly, I don't care. If you have it and you are confident then go for it. Life is way to short to fill our lives judging others. Women are really hard on each other I say lighten up and let people live their lives that make them happy that means if they want to go nude so what.

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