Feng Shui – Does It Really Work?

Anita rosenberg I believe in the powers of Feng Shui. I had my apartment done over 15 years ago and was told then to put a protective warrior plant in front of my terrace doors.  The reason for that was the transmission of bad energy coming directly from The World Trade Center.  I listened, bought a large spiky cactus, and never looked back.  In my wildest imagination I never believed my warrior plant would still be standing long after the twin towers fell.

Anita Rosenberg is a Feng Shui expert and here are her steps for achieving good Feng Shui in your home.

Step 1:You get GOOD FENG SHUI by the placement of your physical house or building in the environment. It is all about the external land forms.

 Where is the water and where is the mountain? Like a giant armchair, you want to be embraced from behind by higher ground or a mountain with lower ground or a natural body of water in front. 

Step 2:The HOUSE GUA needs to match the PERSONAL GUA. The House Gua is determined by the facing and sitting direction of the building while the Personal Gua is determined by a person’s birth date. House Guas are either EAST or WEST GROUP and Personal Guas are also EAST or WEST GROUP. For Good Feng Shui an East Group person should be in an East Group building. A West Group person needs to be in a West Group structure. If the husband and wife are in different guas it is best if the house matches the main bread winner. And what happens if you are off-sync with you house? Mostly likely you won’t stay there a long time or there was a lesson you needed to learn and that is why you chose that place. 

Step 3:You need good Qi (pronounced Chee) flow. Qi is the life force energy that exists in all things. First your environment needs good Qi (as mentioned above) and then your house needs to receive and circulate it. The entrance outside your front door and right inside your foyer are important. You need what is called a BRIGHT HALL, an open area that is clutter free to capture and circulate the Qi. 

Step 4:Keeping GOOD FENG SHUI is about change. Everything is alive and energy changes. Just because you once had a Feng Shui consultation does not mean you are set for life. Are you the same person you were last week, last month, or last year? Your Feng Shui is not either. It is important to adjust and update your Feng Shui so you live in place that supports you. 

If you want to find out more about this ancient tradition - www.anitarosenberg.com


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