Facial Excercise Is #1 Choice For Looking Fabulous

Cynthia rowland If you won the lotto would you seriously think about dabbling in the latest and greatest injections that plump and paralyze sagging facial features?  If your answer is yes, you could be a plastic surgeon’s dream. 

It's easy to become addicted to these procedures that lure you into believing you can recapture your youth?  The menu of enhancement services is endless: arm lift, face lift, mid-line face lift, breast enhancement, Restylane®, thigh lift, eye lid surgery, liposuction, Juvederm®, laser surgery, brow lift, buttocks lift, Botox® and the list goes on and on. 

Looking at less than stellar results on anyone’s face is painful because it is almost impossible to hide the shock of seeing a person you know, perhaps love, wearing a lopsided grin, droopy eye brows, tearing eyes or the bunny marks alongside the nose. What do you say?  What if you hardly recognize the face but recognize the voice?  How do you cover your surprised reaction?

Using surgery and injections to look younger has plenty of drawbacks yet there is a method that works to de-age the face without using anything invasive, risky, expensive or detrimental to your health. Facial exercise that combines isometric and contraction movements coupled with resistance work very well. That’s right – all that is needed are your age erasers – fingers, thumbs in exercise gloves.

Millions of satisfied users have successfully used facial exercise to turn back the clock and these users  sport faces that look five, ten even fifteen years younger. Imagine, without surgery, drugs, time away from home and family, without sutures and recuperative time, men and women can use simple exercise movements to contour and reshape their faces.

How does this work?  Facial exercise that teaches the user first how to anchor the facial muscles, then create a contraction in the muscle or muscle group that is held for a total of 35 seconds will produce visible results almost immediately.

It is advised to begin the regimen slowly, concentrating on only two exercises and two regions in Week One. Systematically, the exercises increase muscle strength when you learn two new exercises each week.  Dividing the face and neck into fifteen regions assures the user will reap the benefits of facial exercise as lifting, tightening and toning becomes visible in all areas in hardly any time at all.

This means that sagging foreheads, lined, tired eyes and crow’s feet will improve; droopy cheeks, jowls, elongated double chins and downturned mouths can become more refined and lifted. In all, the eighteen exercises work to help you easily transform a stressed, less than youthful visage into a younger looking version of you. Without one stitch or a telltale prick of a needle or anything that would hurt or harm your delicate face, facial exercise can do wonders for you.

Just as you have stood in front of a mirror, gently lifted your face up and back into the hairline to watch the hands of time disappear, facial exercise offers you the opportunity to be proactive towards an aging face. When you teach yourself these simple movements, you gain control over facial aging.

Think about your face. Wouldn’t you like it to look like it did years ago without the stress of using chemically laden substances that provide only temporary results, have no long-term testing or surgical procedures that just might miss the mark?

The smart choice even if you have all the money in the world for a younger looking face is still facial exercise. It’s easy, it’s natural and it works!




One thought on “Facial Excercise Is #1 Choice For Looking Fabulous

  1. Hi I'm 52 years old and I've been doing facial exercise for over 10 years and can tell you, 'It Works GREAT if you Work It!' Cynthia Rowland is the right person to learn all the correct techniques from. She explains it perfectly in her DVD.

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