Kim Parrish Out Of The Closet – Turning 40 & Loving It

Kim Parrish October 2009-1 September marks a monumental moment in my life, I’m turning 40!  While some women stop the clock at 39, I’m leaping into my 40’s with excitement.  Why not?  Look how much fun my role models are having in their 40’s.  From Demi to Halle, Sarah Jessica to Nicole, women are proving they can still be stylish and sexy long after the birthday candles are blown out. 

Of course, with all great style icons comes a closet filled with the appropriate fashions.  With this in mind,  I set out to purge my closet of those “skeletons of fashions-past”  and to refocus my newly claimed sexy and sophisticated look. 

The first thought as I enter my walk-in closet is a feeling of liberation.  I now understand that “dressing for my forties” has nothing to do with dressing for my age and everything to do with taking the knowledge I’ve gained over the past 40 years and applying it back to my wardrobe.

For example, acknowledging your true body type is probably the most important factor in creating a sleek, sophisticated ensemble.  So I started by purging all of the items that don’t fit correctly or that don’t accentuate the best-looking areas of my figure.

To my surprise, some of my all-time favorites will now be heading to the donations drop-off.  Why?  Well, it’s quite simple – my body has shifted.  What once fit me perfectly now clings and gaps in all the wrong places and I simply don’t feel the same confidence I once felt in those items.  We must be honest with ourselves – if not then who else will?  Try on some of your sleeveless items and make sure your arms aren’t now distracting from the look of that once perfect shift dress.  Also, try slipping into your skirts and make sure they cover up any cellulite that has mysteriously appeared.  Finally, take a look at all your pants, especially those made of thin fabrics.  Grab a hand mirror and head to the full length mirror for a complete look at your backside.  White and khaki pants in thin fabrics can show all sins – if you see dimples, then dump them!  

Now that I’ve taken the time to purge my closet of all the excess baggage that was only weighing down my newly confident and simply chic look, I’m feeling younger and slimmer already!  Here are some tips to remember:

1)       Dressing age appropriately simply means not wearing items that are too youthful or too trendy and opting for items that are confident and sleek

2)       Don’t wear baggy items in an effort to disguise figure flaws.  Too baggy can have the opposite effect by adding weight and age to your look.

3)       Invest in good quality fabric in bottoms -  thin fabric shows too many “lumps and bumps”.

4)       No mini-skirts or short dresses.  Cover up that cellulite line and you’ll appear younger.

5)       Develop a signature look.  With your years of fashion knowledge and experience, you know what looks best on you.  Just like the Jackie O’ Pearls or the Jennifer Aniston haircut, we can all find something that’s bound to become our own memorable classic.

What a fabulous birthday weekend this has been, sorting out styles that work and don’t work for my newly 40’s body in my own closet!  Now it’s time to hit the stores for a few birthday gifts to help me freshen up the wardrobe!




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