Real Cougars Know What Turns A Man’s Head

Matt & Tamsen Men don’t talk. Let us rephrase that, MOST men don’t talk and that is why women are often times confused about what is going on in our heads. Here are a few fun facts about Mr. Right, Mr. Right Now or the man you have had your eyes on who lives across the hall.

1.  You are an independent woman, not a clinger.

Men love it when you include them in your life, but do not make them your life. Keep your gym routine, your friends, and your family and make sure you never let him see you sweat if he can’t make it. Your life goes on with or without him; and if you act like this, you will never be without him!

2.  You are sexy, hot, but not slutty.

That’s right, men like it when you turn the head of every guy in the room, as long as you are on his arm and let everyone know it.  Don’t ever flirt with his guy friends, and always make sure you let him know he’s the apple of your eye.

3.  You remember to do the little things, just like you did in the beginning.

You don’t expect him to take you out to dinner every night; a home cooked meal is always a nice surprise. You surprise him with his favorite Starbucks drink when he gets up in the morning.  And, you never, ever forget those special occasions: Superbowl Sunday, NCCA Final Four and the NBA finals!

4.  You let him pursue you.

The Geico commercials have it right, there are still cavemen out there and they love the hunt. That means: don’t call him first, don’t text and don’t try to find where he is going to be. If he wants to see you, nothing will stand in his way…nothing.

5.  You never utter the words “where is this going?”

We call those “The Final Four.” Enough said. Let him dictate the pace of the relationship, if you don’t, you will forever be asking that question.

6. You demand respect.

This is not just for your guy…it is also for yourself.  That means you don’t sleep with a man on the first date, or even the second. You wait until you know the time is right.  And if he is the right kind of guy, he will wait too.

7.  You impose a two-drink maximum on yourself when you go out.

No man likes a sloppy drunk party girl. Those girls are fun to play with, not to stay with.

8.  You never humiliate him in front of friends, family or co-workers.

Ever been standing between the couple that likes to throw cutting remarks at one another. It’s not only uncomfortable for third parties, it’s damaging all around. Avoid being those people, be loving, kind and never try to degrade a man for a cheap laugh.

9.  Watch your language.

That’s means let him take the lead when it comes to words like: puppies, babies and marriage. Take those words out of your vocabulary, at least until you are wearing the ring.

10.  You say yes.

That’s right, the sex doesn’t go away once you get the guy. There is nothing more frustrating to a man than a woman who is sexual in the beginning, and then uses it as a weapon. Make sure you don’t play games.



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