The Real Cougar Woman Has Had A Makeover

LindaFranklin01a The Real Cougar Woman has had a makeover.  After months of work, which was a labor of love, I am thrilled to be re-launching my popular blog.  If you loved it before you are going to love it even more now.  It's bigger and better than ever.

There are so many new features available to you, and this is just the beginning – there's lots more on the way.  

What I am most thrilled about is my team of high calibre 5-Carat experts. Check them out on their profile pages and you will see why. Their blog postings will be giving us the inside track on everything we need to know to keep sparkling like a 5-Carat Diamond. 

And, then there's the wonderful Trish Rubin, our Real Cougar Woman correspondent.  She will be keeping us all up on the most fantastic networking events.  She rocks and is an expert at connecting people – so check out her networking calendar. 

My goal, as always, is to reconnect women to the power that lives in all of us.  


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