Women’s Sexual Pleasure & The Double Standard

A zestra You know, if you've been reading my blogs, that I have a big gripe – and that is the existing double standard which is so unfair to women. Many would argue that it doesn't exist, but it really does and it's keeping important issues out of the public spotlight.  But, yesterday there was big breakthrough.  The outdated double standard was outed by none other than The New York Times.
Abby Ellin at Times wrote a fabulous article on my new blog sexperts Mary Jaensch, CEO and Rachel Braun Scherl, President of Semprae. They are the fabulous twosome who manufacture Zestra, the all natural product that enhances a women's sexual pleasure. This is an article you need to read because it highlights the double standard at work – and it ain't pretty. 

Mary and Rachel have been working tirelessly to inform women how to re-connect to their sexuality and the pleasuress of an active sex life, but it's been a constant struggle.  They figured, as you would have, that their product which is a safe, topical application would not be boycotted by the media.  After all, Viagara and Cialis, which help men with erectile dysfunction, is blasted across the airwaves constantly.  But everywhere they went, they hit a brick wall.  Nobody wanted to air their ads. You can read all about in the the Times article.
Please share this article with your friends because it really affects all of us. This is a great beginning to busting the double standard but all of us need to use our powerful voice to create change that will benefit women now and in the future. 

4 thoughts on “Women’s Sexual Pleasure & The Double Standard

  1. I'm so happy you wrote something about this. I read the article yesterday and was blown away that female sexuality is still such a controversial issue! I think the View had a segment on this article today. Check out the forum to discuss the female arousal article.

  2. Oh this so ticks me off. I am going to share this with my 1,075 fans and 1,600 FB friends and share it with my 1900 followers on FB.
    WE all need to SHARE this article. We need to make sure the media feels the pressure! This is such an archaic double standard. I can't believe it's even an issue in 2010.
    Thank you Linda for sharing this.

  3. Why are women's sexual needs such a taboo topic? Physical desire is forced to hide in the shadows of our emotional needs, when, in actuality, it's a necessary component in most solid relationships…which my writing partner and I discovered from the audience feedback of our sex-istential comedy, M.O.I.S.T.!
    Take a look at a clip from the show…but more importantly, listen to the audience comments following. There's definitely a need…and a hunger!

    Show website: http://www.moistonstage.com
    Btw, I tried Zestra…it works!

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