Small Breasts – The Latest Trend?

Did you happen to read the story in the New York Times about the lastest trend — small breasts? According to the article, it's cool these days to have tiny boobs. In fact, The Daily Beast recently ran a stroy about all the celebrities who were so unhappy with the size of their breasts after implants, that they decided to have them removed.

I decided to talk to an expert on the subject of small breasts. Gayvin Powers, A.K.A. "Eve" of the online lingerie site Eve’s Apples — luxury lingerie for small-breasted women

 A red bra

Here's what Gayvin told me.  "Since the Times article, her phone has been ringing off the hook."  So it seems women all over are thrilled to have found a resource for sexy lingerie made for their smaller breasts".

We all know, finding a bra that fits, not matter what size, is quite a challenge.  And, ever after Oprah did the show about finding the right bra, it wasn't easy.

Gayvin told me told me that when a woman buys a bra from her, she fits not only to cup size, but takes into account her breast tissue. That's because the tissue whether, shallow, medium or full affects the shape and placement of the breast, which in turn, affects how your bra fits. 

Gayvin prepared something special for all of you small-breasted Real Cougars. It's her special online resource for consultation and fitting. Take a look here I think you'll find it interesting. 



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