Hotties Don’ t Cool Down After 40

There's a new book making the rounds called  My Formerly Hot Life which laments the small rites of passage that threaten to strip a woman of her "hottie status".  A few of the more noticeable changes mentioned are workmen no longer wolf-whistle as you walk by, or it takes a bagful of cosmetics to achieve 'that no make-up glow'?  So, I ask you, is that enough to make you throw away your sexy bikini briefs and jump into granny pants?  I highly doubt it. A seductive woman

The truth is unlike our parents generation, we are taking better care of ourselves in every way.  And, even though some of our body parts may be heading south, our confidence and experience is headed in the right direction. We like to get dressed up – and once we've got on our glad rags and heels we are looking pretty darrn fabulous. 

As for the hottie factor, we are well aware that true sex appeal is all in the mind. It's not about age it's about joie de vivre, confidence and an inner glow – the kind you can never get from make-up, no matter how much you buy.

So Real Cougars, never buy into the hype that you've lost it. Truth is you're just starting to sizzle.

Have a safe and fabulous Labor Day.


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