Soul Mates Are Not Who You Think

Anger Soul mate, what's that??? When I was a young woman growing up my friends were busy experimenting with drugs, sex and rock and roll and I can assure you we weren't out looking for a soul mate. Today, of course, all that's changed.  Soul mate is a term that's used all the time, but I think the meaning is all wrong.

The romanticized interpretation of a soul mate is the perfect person who really understands you because you think alike, you act alike, you love the same things and that person completes you. The perfect ying to your yang.  Well, I don't think that's what a soul mate is at all.  I believe a soul mate is someone who drives you nuts.  A person who is the complete opposite of you.  A person who is constantly pushing your buttons.

See if this makes sense to you.  Our soul constantly is pushing us to learn new things. In other words, finding out what really makes us tick. In order to do that, we need to be challenged.  Now, who has the ability to challenge you more – someone who is exactly the same as you, or, someone completely different?  Who forces you to look in the mirror and see your limitations?  Who gets you to try new things?  Who helps you recognize the difference between feeling good and feeling bad?.  Your soul mate.  

I love constantly learning more about who I am really am, and I have many soul mates who help me by constantly pushing my buttons. The biggest button pusher of them all is my hubbie.  We are very different in many ways, but dig deep enough and we share lot of the same raw nerve endings.  I don't think it's an accident we're together.  Together we are learning lessons that help make us more conscious, which translates into a richer life for both of us. 

So, the next time your button pusher in driving you crazy, stop for a moment and ask yourself what should I be learning from them?  Once you figure that out – that button won't be pushable any more.


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