Sexual Satisfaction For Women – Let’s Talk!

Have you noticed that a women's sexual satisfaction is still a taboo subject?  You don't see that discussion on TV, and it's rarely talked about even with best friends. So what's up with that?  Why is Viagara, a drug that helps men with erectile dysfunction considered mainstream and seen everywhere while something that safely helps women's arousal still perceived as a no-no?  

Mary and rachel Those are the questions, both of my Real Cougar Woman 'sexperts' will be addressing when this blog relaunches bigger and better in September.  I'm so excited about them coming aboard, I want to introduce them to you now. They are Rachel Braun Sherl and Mary Wallace Jaensch, the CEO and President, of Semprae Laboratories, Inc., a company by women and for women dedicated to the idea that all women deserve sexual satisfaction.  Their flagship product is Zestra® Essential Arousal Oils™, a patented blend of botanical oils and extracts clinically proven to improve arousal, desire and satisfaction for 70% of women.  A contest

Both Rachel and Mary are tireless in their efforts to make women's sexual satisfaction a more mainstream conversation. It's so funny that when they talk to a mixed group about this subject, you see the men trip over themselves rushing to get the free samples. Yes, men love anything that will help their women have a more satisfying experience in the bedroom.

This is something you will love. Right now,  Zestra is offering you the chance to win $1,000.00. They are having a contest that's called  "You Feel That Way About Sex Too!!!  Just click here for your chance to win. Oh, by the way there's a free gift just for entering, so check it out and don't miss out.   


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