Passion, Romance Or Friendship – Which Would You Choose?

Bigstockphoto_Couple_Kissing_176638 Choosing between passion, romance or friendship isn't easy is it?  As Real Cougar Women we want all three.  But which of those choices give you the best odds for a happy long-term relationship?  Well according to an article in Science Digest couples who value "romance" fare better over time. 

Their research concludes that passionate couples are less likely to be happy over the long haul because they fight a lot more and tend to be "obsessive".  The idea that passionate couples suffer from burnout isn't revolutionary. Their firecracker combustion just fizzles out, and when happens the attraction tends to fizzle too.     

What about the couples who are "just friends"?  How do they fare?  Well, apparently not so good. If there was never any chemistry or the chemistry died over time, the relationship suffers. Nobody really understands relationship chemistry – it's either there, or it isn't.  Sometimes couples that are just friends will try living together or even marrying, but one or both will end up dissatisfied. Eventually. the sense of longing, the sense that they are missing out, will be too overwhelming and they will split up.   

So, in the end, romance wins out. Romantic couples treat each other with tenderness and aren't afraid to demonstrate their love.  They understand that little things mean a lot -  like leaving a note, a text message, a voicemail to remind their partner how much they love them.  Those loving gestures go a long way and never get old.  Women are suckers for romance and that will never change. 


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