Sex Drive & Career Choices – What’s The Connection?

Real Cougars, here's a question for you to think about.  Is a successful and career driven woman more likely to have a higher sex drive than her lesser-achieving sisters?

Apparently they do. Women with high levels of testosterone are more likely to be risk-takers – and have stronger sexual appetites. Or so research says.Business woman

If you are a woman working in a competitive environment, like banking or business, you may well become more assertive, competitive and aggressive, which will cause your testosterone levels to rise. But then the questions becomes - did you go into a male dominated career because you had high testosterone levels, or did you develop high testosterone levels because you chose that particular career path? The sexperts are still trying to figure that one out.

The root of a woman's sexual desire is still pretty much a mystery. Does it start in our bodies or in our brains? A landmark research project by Dr Rosemary Basson from the University of British Columbia found that while men feel desire and then want to have sex, many women have sex as a way to kick-start desire.

Research into female sexuality is still controversial, contradictory and incomplete. The researchers may not agree with each other, but they do agree about this.  Understanding female desire may turn out to be as tough as understanding anything about what makes a woman tick.  Amen to that one! 


2 thoughts on “Sex Drive & Career Choices – What’s The Connection?

  1. This is somewhat related. I have been working out in gyms for years. My admittedly unscientific viewpoint is that the MEN who work out hard (unlike those who seem to vegetate on benches, "resting" forever between sets) are going to be better, more enthusiastic and more proactive in the bedroom. It's all about the ENERGY. If I see it (energy) in the gym, I think it carries over into the bedroom, and probably at work!
    Are women similar? I would think so.

  2. Interesting . My opinion is more simplistic .
    (1) Depending on the generation of males older verses younger – men have a traditional expectation of women doing multiple work ,such as take care of the children, manage the household, work outside ( maybe) and be available for sex. If you are working three jobs or sometimes four jobs depending on your economic situation – SEX is no longer a priority.
    (2) Women who make a great deal of money can afford house keepers, and can reduce their stress of by choosing opportunities to relax more and take care of themselves. These opportunities leads to a greater likelyhood of thinking of sex.
    (3) The more free time you feel you have and the more stable you perceive you are economically or in your choice of lifestyle the more focus you can be on sex. None of what I mentioned focused on testosterone levels. Hopefully future “RESEARCH” will be more realistic and consider ALL variables impacting women.

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