Linda Franklin Shares The Things She Knows For Sure

Linda_Franklin77 Recently I was interviewed by a writer from Psychology Today. She had a long laundry list of questions about Real Cougar Women. She wanted to know how we are different from the media's shabby portrayal of women in general.  I told this 27 year old woman to hold on tight because she was about to get a crash course on living as a powerful woman. In my opinion, you are never too young to tap into these gifts.

We talked for well over an hour and I knew by the time we finished she got it. Her attitude had shifted and she actually said, " I want to be a Real Cougar".  After I hung up the phone I sat quietly and thought about all of the things I know for sure.  The lessons I have learned that have molded me into the Real Cougar Woman I am today.

One thing I know for sure is that our world is speeding up.  Changes are happening more quickly today than every before.  I used to think I was imagining this accelerated speed because I was getting older, but that's not it.  People of all ages are feeling the same ramp up in energy. So now, more than ever, we have to slow down and focus on what's important to us. 

Keeping my spiritual reservoir full is essential to my overall happiness.  Listening to my gut has saved my ass on numerous occasions.  Society wants you to believe that the only road to success is hard work and sacrifice.  I have not found that to be true and I have experienced much success in my life.  The key is to create consciously. That means learning to create the things that you want – the things you are excited and passionate about.  You get to choose how you want to live your life and just knowing that changes the entire ballgame. 

Here are a few more things I know for sure:- 

  • at the core of who we are is spirit
  • we are very powerful and when we learn to tap into that power – all things are possible
  • we are artists who every day sit in front of blank canvas and create our reality  
  • when we learn to detach from outcomes – we attach more fully to our natural power
  • there is no right or wrong – just life experiences designed to make us more aware
  • when you rise up from fear and pursue passion you go from living your life in black & white to living it in  technicolor   
  • that each and every one of us is a unique and magnificent creation

One more thing all Real Cougar Women know for sure. We are the perfect blend of masculine and feminine energy.  Our masculine energy helps us get things done but our feminine is where our real power lies. We have the power and are not afraid to use it. 


2 thoughts on “Linda Franklin Shares The Things She Knows For Sure

  1. Linda, What a fabulous and incredible and necessary article….lessons and reminders that I believe can help all of us. For me, reading that was a renewal of everything I believe… I just got too busy to live it!!!!
    All of your articles are helpful and great reading…however, this one is one I am going to post on my bathroom mirror and try to keep myself on track with what is truly important! Thanks, Linda, for your continued determination to get the message out as to who we really are, and to help us live our best lives!!
    Chicago, IL

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