Sarah Palin – Mama Grizzly vs The Cougars

A sarah palinThis blog, by no stretch of the imagination, is a politcal blog but one of my Real Cougars, Marla Miller, wrote an article that I think you might enjoy.  I am going to extract the things I liked about it but please take a moment to read the entire article by clicking here.

When Sarah Palin was introduced as McCain’s running mate less than 24 hours after Barack Obama accepted the nomination, this staunch Obama supporter (who took lots of grief for not joining the 18 million women who supported Hillary) said out loud to my TV, “Oh shit.”

Almost two years later, the phrase still applies.

So what is it about her that’s made other women — smart ones, not so smart ones, old, young, middle-aged, moms and women who aren’t — fall in line behind this woman who abandons jobs, makes up words and calls the press “sick puppies?”

At the time of her nomination, everyone told me I was nuts to be worried. However, no amount of encouraging words would soothe for this reason: we live in a tabloid news-loving culture and Sarah Palin had ‘Tabloid Queen’ written all over her.

I consider myself a “thinking woman’s” woman. I figured women like me — women who don’t exercise knee-jerk responses every time some guy says something stupid about women –would not, could not, be taken in with Palin’s obvious “playing to crowd” rhetoric.

I was wrong. They love their Mama Grizzly.

So how dumb is Sarah Palin? Probably not so. She was a Communications major who wanted to anchor the news but had five kids instead. If she has ‘brilliance’ it’s found in her instincts. She spotted something in this culture much like the founder of another women’s movement, The Real Cougar Woman, spotted something–a whole lot of ticked off women. As polar opposites as these two movements might appear, the Cougars and the Mama Grizzlies share this: they speak directly to women.  There are no middle men in these all-girl groups. Palin’s pack include many of Hillary’s 18 million who believe our President is not hearing them. Cougar founder Linda Franklin attracted the "Women Over 40" told to turn ‘invisible’ by our anti-aging culture. Franklin wasn’t about to fade away just because she reached an age where women are expected to give up their groove. Sexy women don’t want to give grooves up and now they don’t have to. Now they become Cougars; hot gals that make for hot topics in tabloid news. Is it a coincidence that both movements branded dangerous animals to their image? I don’t think so.

My guess is, the Mama Grizzlies and Cougar movements are here to stay. Women in this culture are hungry for heroes. In this era where tabloid news is now the mainstream, competition for the sexiest headlines is fierce. Like the Cougars, who now have the added status of a TV series, the Mama Grizzlies create provocative headlines because Palin knows how to masterfully manipulate tabloid news. That’s the brilliance of this Communications Major and mom of five.

Thanks Marla for telling it your way.  What do you guys think?  


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