Real Cougars Benefiting From Extra Sleep On The Weekend

A woman sleeping Sleep, or rather lack of it, is something all of us are experiencing these days.  We are working hard, playing hard but not getting enough sleep to sustain optimum health.  Women especially squeak through their days running on fumes.  Then they actually feel guilty if they grab a couple hours of extra hours of shuteye on a weekend morning. 

Well, the days of feeling guilty are over.  Scientists are now reporting that the extra dose of sleep is more than just a luxury – it provides an essential boost to brain power ahead of the working week. Those of us who return to work on Monday morning refreshed after spending 10 hours in bed actually perform better than those who get up early. 

An extra 2 hours in the morning is all that's required to replenish the brain and boost energy, alertness and attention span after a week of restricted sleep, the study showed.

Dr David Dinges, chief of the Division of Sleep and Chronobiology at the University of Pennsylvania, who led the study, said: "The additional hour or two of sleep in the morning after a period of chronic partial sleep loss has genuine benefits for continued recovery of behavioural alertness.

"The bottom line is that adequate recovery is important for coping with the effects of chronic sleep restriction on the brain."

So plan on an extra couple of hours of sleep next weekend. Maybe that's all it will take for you to feel  more alert and rested after a busy, stressful week of multi-tasking.   


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