Real Cougar Wish List – Simple Pleasures


Ask any busy woman what she really wants and her answers will probably surprise you.  Real Cougars, are without a doubt, extremely complex females but they do delight in life's simple pleasures. Here are just a few of the small things that can make a big difference in how she views her world.A listt

1.  Luxuriating in a long hot bubble bath while listening to her favorite CD and sipping a delicious glass of fine wine.

2.  A day when someone isn't asking her - where's my wallet, glasses, or car keys. 

3.  A lovely bed with clean, ironed sheets, fluffed-up pillows and a crisp and luxurious duvet.

4.  A bikini that makes her legs look longer, her tummy flatter, her breasts perkier and makes her feel like Angelina Jolie (minus the kids). 

5.  To walk down the street and get whistles from men who appreciate how well put together you are.

6.  A home-cooked dinner prepared by the man in your life. Oh, and that includes cleanup too.

7.  A conversation with your sweetie without having to compete with the remote control, iPhone, iPad or Blackberry.

8.  A bathroom with dry, folded towels and a sink with no toothpaste blobs in it.

9.   A closet full of clothes that make us look thin.

10. Meaningful, loving sex, preceded and followed by candlelight, conversation, cuddles and kisses.

11. To have our own personal assistant on call 24-7, who works for nothing. This is what men call 'a wife'.

12. A man who loves us exactly as we are.

Please feel free to add your favs to the wish list and then start doing whatever it takes to make those wishes come true. 

One thought on “Real Cougar Wish List – Simple Pleasures

  1. 13. A foot massage, with lotion, given without asking for it
    14. A full-body massage, given without asking for it
    15. A mug of coffee brought to me in the morning
    16. A "Let's eat out, babe" suggestion
    17. Flowers! Almost ANY kind, ANY time (but especially tulips or Gerber daisies)
    18. An empty kitchen sink (that I didn't clear myself)
    19. Hearing "I'll do that for you." (Whether it means taking a package to the post office, picking up dry cleaning or stopping at the grocery store)
    I could go on! Will stop now.

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