Infidelity On The Rise – So What Else Is New?

24036657 jupiter images - couple on beachInfidelity is on the rise but that comes as no surprise does it?  Have you ever cheated or even thought of cheating on your significant other?   Even if you did you probably wouldn't go around broadcasting it.  That's why it's almost impossible to get accurate data about just how many people are actually indulging in the pleasures of the afternoon delight.

New studies do suggest that infidelity is alive and well, particularly among older men and young couples. And, women are closing the adultery gap: younger women appear to be cheating on their spouses in the same numbers as their male counterparts.  I'm not going to bore with the numbers, but if you're interested you can read Tara Parker Pope's  New York Times article on the subject.

The change in women's fidelity is creating the most buzz..  Men cheat and brag about it – women tend to lie about it to everybody including themselves.  Men want to think women don’t cheat, and women want men to think they don’t cheat, and therefore both sexes have been playing these silly game with each other forever. 

The question that keeps cropping up in my mind is are we programmed  to be monogamous?  Personally I don't think so – the pleasures of the flesh are mighty powerful.

2 thoughts on “Infidelity On The Rise – So What Else Is New?

  1. Great post, I'll have to go read the NYT article. There was just an article in last month's Psychotherapy Networker with a different slant on the issue – redefining monogamy, ways in which partners expand who is included in their "faithfulness" so all can enjoy those pleasures of the flesh without betrayal.

  2. Well it looks like cheating is cool so long as the money is NOT tied to it. I hope prenups are on the rise as well!!

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