Real Cougars Attract Prosperity

Money Real Cougars have learned to attract prosperity into their lives because they understand money is just money. They know that having money can make life less stressful and don't feel guilty about earning it, saving it, and growing it. Your attitude towards money is a major factor in attracting abundance into your life. Money is and has always been a hot bed for controversy. That's because it's not just a commodity it's been touted as the root of all evil.  It elicits deep-seeded feelings about love, power, happiness, security, control, dependency, independence, freedom and lots more. Money reaches deep into the human psyche.  Money becomes the trigger for so many deeper emotional issues.  As far as women have come money is still a taboo topic. We rarely talk about it, even with our closest friends. The silence is a shield that protects us from the shame, guilt and anxiety we feel over how we are dealing with our financial affairs.

Women are typically the givers and always putting others before themselves. Financial guru Sue Orman says, “I simply want you to give TO yourself as much as you give OF yourself. By taking care of yourself financially, you will truly be able to take care of those you love.” So don't you think that women have had a dysfunctional relationship with money far too long? Don't you think the time has has come to assume responsibility for your own financial future.  To make that happen you have to get rid of your psychological blocks and create a new paradigm that invites prosperity into your life. 

In September, our new financial expert, Susan Hirschman will be giving you tips on how to start building your financial future.  Remember, it's never too late to start attracting abundance into your life. 


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