Cougar Guide to Relationship Lies

30770816 Like it or not ladies, relationship lies are used by men everywhere.  We may choose to delude ourselves into thinking our partner would never do such a thing, but the reality is they do.


When it comes to saving their own skin anything goes.  Come on, we've done it too, maybe not as often as the guys but there are times we decide to stretch the truth rather than reveal what's really going on inside. Men will do almost anything to avoid conflict, and here are a few of their favorite gems used to get off the hook.

  Do any of these seem the least beat familiar to you?  

 I'D NEVER LIE TO YOU: He will tell you whatever necessary to avoid tears or conflict. If you challenge the lie, he'll say it was necessary because you can't handle the truth.

 I'D NEVER CHEAT ON YOU: If Angelina Jolie threw herself naked at his feet, he would definitely consider his options. It doesn't mean he would do it, it means he'd consider it – and research shows around half would do it.

 I'VE NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT SLEEPING WITH YOUR FRIENDS: No, especially not the one with the sporty body and big boobs. Believe me, he's always thinking about it, even about the ugly ones. It doesn't mean he'll do it; it means he thinks about it, whether you like it or not.

 I'M NOT INTO THAT SORT OF THING: Men use this lie in response to a woman's repulsion to kinky sex she's seen on TV. The reality is he is into that sort of thing or he'd love to try it.

When it comes to sex, men have a different perspective than most of us do. They can have sex with women they don't even like and then forget about it the next day.  For us it's not that easy.


One thought on “Cougar Guide to Relationship Lies

  1. Statistically, women lie and cheat just as much as men do. We simply don't talk about it as much as we talk about when the men "do it" to us.

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