Real Cougars Will Love “Let’s Talk Sex” Comedy Night

What woman wouldn't want to get together with a bunch of like-minded girlfriends and talk about sex?  And, it's even more fun when we have the opportunity to do it in a room full of stand-up comedians. Wasn't it amazing how we were all drawn in by the sexcapades of the gals on Sex and The City?  Well now it's our turn to be be open and bawdy about what's really going on in our lives.A woman laughing

On Tuesday, July 20th I will be attending "Let's Talk Sex" and I hope you will too.  It's for Real Cougars who are ready to unlock their erotic IQ's and spend an evening laughing out loud.  This cutting edge discussion will be led by Esther Perel, world renowned authority on erotic intelligence and author of Mating In Captivity

One of my favorite women, Rachel Braun Scherl, will also be joining the panel.  Rachel's company, Semprae Labratories will be sponsoring the event because she wants to give women the opportunity to explore all parts of their sexuality. Semprae is the manufacturer of Zestra a natural, botanical oil that enhances a women's sexual pleasure.  What woman wouldn't want that? 

There's going to be a lot going on and it's a wonderful opportunity to meet some fabulous females. So. if you are in the neighborhood, please come join us Tuesday, July 20th for this fabulous night of fun.  You can order your tickets online – just click here.

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