Real Cougars Pay Attention To Their Hormones

Aging is a subject that's near, but maybe not so dear, to our hearts. Women over 40 know firsthand that when our hormones start to go crazy it affects everything in our lives.  Our weight, our memory, our sex lives, our stress levels, our skin, our bones all suffer. Medical researcher Daniel Rudmen M.D. says "we age because of hormonal decline but hormones don't necessarily decline because we age. Our true physiological age is determined not by our calendar years, but our hormone levels. Breakfast

I agree with Dr. Rudmen on the important role hormones play. I have been using natural bioidentical hormone therapy for years, and plan to stay with it.  It's not just to tame the menopausal symptoms, it's to keep my body strong enough to combat the degenerative diseases of aging.

Before I made the decision to use bioidenticals I had to ask myself an important question. That question was – as I age am I losing hormones that are keeping me healthy, and if I am why wouldn't I want to replace them?  And, by replace I mean, replace with what my body needs now not what it needed at 25.  I spent years doing research on the pros and cons of this therapy, and so far, I still believe the benefits far outweigh the risks.

We know now that healthy aging has many different pieces that have to fit, much like a jigsaw puzzle. I am suggesting that hormones are an important piece of that puzzle so don't take them for granted.  You will be much happier and so will the man in your life.


5 thoughts on “Real Cougars Pay Attention To Their Hormones

  1. Linda,
    Do you use oral, cream or patch with your bio-identical hormones? I would love to read your thoughts and experience on this subject.

  2. I've been on bioidenticals for almost 5 years. I feel I've never looked better! my beauty plan includes regular exercise, eating healthy foods & taking an extra 5 minutes to care for my skin. I'm 57 & no wrinkles on my face! I truly believe the hormone therapy is critical for staving off the ageing process.

  3. I'm using the oral version right now. I take them for 21 days & then stop for 7 days. I also take a variety of vitamins throughout the day: CoQ10, fish oil, along w/B-12, B-6 & a multi-vitamin.
    I've been drinking acai berry juice every day for the last 3 years. I keep nourishing my body w/antioxidants all day. I'm of Italian heritage so I've been on the Mediterranean diet my entire life & believe that has contributed a great deal to my overall health.

  4. It's funny how you can do everything "right" (exercise, eat right) and your hormones still tank. Seems like I have little of anything left, including thyroid and adrenal hormones. Taking natural hormones for those, as well as bioidentical estro and test creams and natural progesterone (oral). I would love to know if anyone experiences fatigue. I haven't licked that one yet!

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