Sexy Lady – You Still Have What It Takes!

Have you ever walked down the street and wondered if you still have what it takes to turn a head or two?  I know I have.  Sometimes I wonder just how a younger man sees me.  By younger I don't mean jail bait but someone 10 years younger.  In his eyes am I still sexy or is he thinking I'm over the hill? I know, I know,  it only matters how you see yourself, but I'll bet you would be curious to know if some cute guy thinks your smokin' hot.A cougar walking

I believe it's important to look as vibrant as you can at any age. No, that doesn't mean doing whatever you can to recapture your youth.  It means just being a cool and up-to-date version of the woman you have become.

Too often, after you reach a certain age, both men and women think it's okay to let themselves go and that's not good.  The other day I was talking to a man at a friend's birthday party. He was there with his wife and I guess both were in the mid 60's.  He told me that sometimes when he looks over at his wife he doesn't recognize her.  He said, "it's like sleeping with a stranger. In his eyes she has lost her youth, her energy, and her sex appeal.  He didn't say it, but I'd guess, that makes him feel old too.  He'll probably never tell her what he told me, but our conversation made a lasting impression on me.

I believe it's easy to maintain our sexiness as we mature.  It's a choice like everything else.  There are so many things we can do to look great and feel great.  I don't have to tell you that sexy starts in your brain and then travels down to all the right places.  It's an attitude!

Just for fun, the next time you walk down the street, stand up straight, hold your head up high, stick out your chest and strut your stuff.  Show the world the sexy, the cool, Real Cougar Woman that you are.

One thought on “Sexy Lady – You Still Have What It Takes!

  1. I had a mid-20's guy tell me I have great legs outside a restaurant….and made my day! At 48, I can pass for 35!

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