Cougars Are The Role Model For Financial Freedom

A cougar counting money Did you know that 31% of women today would rather clean their bathrooms than plan for their financial future?  That's pretty discouraging  and just plain dumb don't you think?

The alarm bell is sounding, but apparently not too many women are listening.  To remain the independent souls we cherish so much we need a steady income stream.  To make that happen we have to take care of business.

Gone are the days when you could hand over all the money concerns to the man in your life.  Today, it's your responsibility to take care of yourself and your future.  The one thing I know for sure is that when you feel comfortable with your finances it enables you to make very different decisions.  Decisions that will ultimately determine the level of your happiness. 

A Real Cougar Woman is not one who prowls after younger men that's so ridiculous.  She is a fabulous female who is financially independent and knows the importance of being self sufficient.

I feel so strongly about women embracing their financial freedom that I am making arrangements with an experienced financial expert to teach and write on this blog.  She wants to share with you how not to be afraid of money and she does that in a way you are sure to easily understand.  No mumbo jumbo just the essentials that you need.  We are both very excited for the opportunity to help you start establishing your own financial freedom plan. 


3 thoughts on “Cougars Are The Role Model For Financial Freedom

  1. I can't wait for the financial expert to make an appearance. I can use guidance! Only concern–women our age are at all levels of financial comfort–some will be in dire straits and some will be well-situated. I hope she addresses all women at all levels. It's so discouraging when experts assume you have lots of money to invest.

  2. Kathleen, this information will be directed to women in all income brackets. It's not just about investing it's about getting out of debt and discovering how much money you will need to maintain your lifestyle as you get older. I will keep you posted.

  3. I had to learn the hard way about finances and I began to teach my daughter ALL the mistakes I made. First I had to put aside my fear of basic math, then learn how to save more than spend and NOT let the stereo type of women wanting to burn money ring true. Women need to learn the basics like the following :
    (1) How can we build credit without using a credit card?

    (2) What are the key advantages of a debit card verses a credit card?

    (3) How do you diversify your money to maintain steady growth?

    (4) How to plan for retirement BEFORE your 50’s independently?

    (5) How to plan your finances when you are married BEFORE widow or divorce occur so you are not in a crisis mode. For example, did you know how your name is placed on an account will give you quicker access to a joint account ? Or did you know some lenders will place a males name as the primary on a mortgage ( because they earn larger salaries) and you can loose your home even if the home is in both names?

    (6) What do you know about income tax advantages?

    (7) What do you know about the various annuities or insurance policies.
    (8) Should most marriages have a PRENUP so women do not end up financially ruined if a divorce occurs?
    Knowledge is power and today with the high divorce rate in America 60% of women end up in poverty. No wonder as we get older we DON’T have time for love and sex.
    To many women end up playing catch up later in life when they should be enjoying their life.

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