Real Cougars Use The 40/40 Modesty Equation

Here's a question women over 40 should be asking themselves every time they go out.  How much do I dare to bare?

Here's the dilemma women face, especially women over 40.  If your clothes are too revealing, you are probably sending out "the desperate vibe".  But, on the other hand,  if you're too prim and proper you just fade into the woodwork and don't get noticed at all.

So how do you know what's right for you?  Leave it to the British to come up with answer.  Wear an outfit that reveals 40 percent of your skin and you will get just the right amount of attention. To make it easy to remember let's call it the 40/40 Modesty Equation.  Desperate housewife 

In this picture Teri Hatcher shows off about 40 percent of her flesh – perfect for attracting the right amount of male attention.

To arrive at this 40 percent conclusion Leeds University psychologist Colin Hendrie sent four female researchers to one of their city's biggest nightclubs. They documented on video what the women were wearing and how many times they were approached by the men.   

Seventy hours of recordings later it was revealed that women who showed off 40 percent of their skin were asked to dance twice as much as women who were covered up or too exposed.

I have always said 'bling and cleavage is not the way to attract the man of your dreams'.  Now research is confirming it.


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