Cougars At 50 – Things Sure Have Changed

Are you afraid of turning 50?  I know I was.  I thought 50 was the threshold to old age and I wasn't ready to cross over.  I am not naive and I know that your 50's introduce a whole new decade of things to deal with - hot flashes, sags, wrinkles, changing relationships – but once you get a handle on them life can be sweeter than ever.   Black woman eater strawberry jupiter images24035029

There are Real Cougars over 50 who see themselves as sexy, smart and confident. But, there are other women who view the fifth decade as nothing more than one step closer to assisted living. Fifty gets you thinking of all the things that may now be impossible  – a sexy wardrobe, a new career or even a 30 something boyfriend.  

But, hold on!.  What if your thinking is all wrong? What if you could have all those things?

The reality is we don't have to become the withering flowers that society assures us we will.  The choice of how we view aging and how we actually age is up to us.  I admit I am still fighting some of the aging demons myself, but with every new idea, with every new friend I make, with every new risk I take my zest for life only gets juicier. 

My advice to all of your Real Cougars over 50 - keep one pair of stilettos close by -  you're going to need them.


2 thoughts on “Cougars At 50 – Things Sure Have Changed

  1. Age is just a number. I am American living most of the year in Europe and find aging is viewed totally differently. Women of all ages where heals and jeans that flatter the figure. In the USA, I am constantly asked my age. In the Europe, that never happens. Men appreciate women….period. It is the spark for life that is universally attractive. Not an age or physique. Barbara (author)

  2. Ugh–I'm looking at that photo thinking "I wish I still had a neck/chin like that!" and I'm only 43. And not even all that sagging yet, just not poker-spade taut anymore.
    Sorry, moment of insecurity there.

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