Beautiful Women Do Have An Edge

Beauty book last page photo As much as some women protest, looks do matter. Just try getting help with anything when you look particularly frumpy. If you don't believe me get all dolled up and try the same thing again. You are going to get a much more satisfying outcome.  The more attractive version of you will always win out. It's just a fact of life. Actually, there may be a whole different set of rules for the physically fortunate. They slip past velvet ropes, get preferential seating in restaurants, and even smile their way out of traffic tickets…and that's just for starters.

People assume that if a woman is attractive, she possesses other positive traits, such as kindness and intelligence," says behavioral psychologist Stephen Josephson, Ph.D., of Weill Cornell Medical College.

Little wonder then that a study conducted by Daniel Hamermesh, Ph.D., and Jeff Biddle, Ph.D., economics professors at the University of Texas and Michigan State University, respectively, revealed that "plain" people earn 1 to 15 percent less than people with average looks, who in turn earn 1 to 13 percent less than those deemed good-looking.

Job recruiters have come to learn that sending out attractive women will get a much better reaction from their clients. Whether they admit it or not, many employers feel that having pretty female employees will reflect well on their firm.  A few well-placed highlights or a swipe of lipstick creates an aura not only of attractiveness but also of self-confidence. "And when you feel good about yourself, it changes the way you carry yourself.  So find your best features and accentuate the hell out of them.

There is some good news for those who prefer to stay Plain Janes. Stephen Josephson says "occasionally, being pretty can backfire. It's the bimbo effect. If a beautiful woman succeeds, she often finds herself fielding insinuations that her accomplishments are based solely on her looks." And although a 2009Journal of Applied Psychology report found that handsome people do have an edge over their less comely counterparts with regard to salaries, it turns out that intelligence trumps all.


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