Gay is OK – Will Cougar Ever Be OK?

In yesterday's New York Times there was an article entitled "Celebrities Come Out With Fanfare".  That article got me thinking which is always dangerous. 

Basically what it said was so many high-profile gays have come out that we hardly pay attention any more. Once it was seen as a defiant and courageous act of such social and political significance that gay rights activists created a holiday for it – National Coming Out day.  But, experts say, "ultimately it isn’t  the
celebrity that changes people’s minds, or the politician. It’s the individual,
one on one.”
A woman in front of computer

After I read the article I got all fired up.  When I finished I went directly to my  Passbook page to vent and created a real hornet's nest.  Here's what I said:

This morning I'm pissed. It took 40 years for people
to start accepting that Gay is OK. Well now it's time for Cougar Woman to be OK
too. This kind of discrimination by Google and others is really not acceptable.
Women have worked too hard to be pigeon holed by society just for making
different choices. We need toget rid of prejudice against women once and for

Well 75 comments later the debate was far from resolved. You see, its difficult for people to get past the cougar and realize The Real Cougar Woman is all about eliminating the old and antiquated double standard. Many of the comments from this one gentleman were pretty nasty. He was saying how dare I talk about the injustice to gays in the same breath as the injustice to cougar women.  If I had left out the word cougar and just said women perhaps there wouldn't have been a debate at all.

It's sad to me that so many people can't get over the term "cougar".  If one celebrity would come out and embrace it perhaps the tide would turn. But, unfortunately that's not happening.  And, just last week Kim Cattrall, the ultimate cougar, declared she's not a cougar but she did say she was a confident, sexy and independent woman.  That's a Real Cougar in my book.

So maybe Gay is OK but I wonder if Cougar will ever be. And, I wonder if my next book will have to be entitled "Don't Ever Call Me Cougar"?


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