Cougar Women Are Resilient – They Have To Be

HairCougars are resilient – they have to be.  These women have chosen a lifestyle that doesn't fit the cookie cutter norm that they were told to follow.  Because of their chutzpah, this endangered species is constantly under attack.  I don't recall seeing anything anywhere that shines a positive light on cougars (except for me of course).  Most articles I have read say cougars are marked for extinction.  

The dictionary defines resilience as buoyant, readily recovering from shock or trauma.  It's about being able to bounce back after one of life's many attempts to knock you on your ass. Facing life's challenges is a constant for all of us, Knowing how to handle them is what determines who will sink or swim.

There are five key factors that make resilient individuals stand out from their counterparts: optimism, controlling stress and anxiety, a willingness to take personal accountability, openness and adaptability, and a positive and dynamic approach to problem solving. 

Happy people are not that way by accident.  They have made a decision to live their lives that way. 'This means being in tune with the way you're thinking and silencing that internal voice that tells you that you're not making the grade.

Cougar Women are strong – we will survive.  No matter how much resistance we get we will prevail.  


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