Lying – Men Are Doing It More Than Women

Yesterday a study came out that revealed a shocking revelation -  men lie more than women.  Come on -we knew that already didn't we?  For some reason men can tell lies more easily than a woman.  Females go through all sorts or personal angst even when we tell a little white one. Anger

Men lie out of laziness. If they calculate that telling the truth will require a long conversation or an argument, they will opt for a fib.  They want as few complications as possible. Women however, lie mostly out of fear. We will lie to protect someone else's feelings.  We are afraid that telling the truth will be too painful.     

Men have less guilt and fear than women.  We spend endless hours talking to each other trying to find the real meaning of even the most trivial event.  Why do we do that? 

The Science Museum research revealed the top ten fibs told by both sexes. Here are my top picks:-


 I didn't have that much to drink.

 Nothing's wrong, I'm fine.

 I'm on my way.

No, your ass doesn't look big in that


Nothing's wrong, I'm fine.

I don't know where it is, I haven't touched it.

I've  got a headache

It wasn't expensive I got it on sale

Any of these sound familiar?  My favorite is no I haven't touched it.  Of course I have but it's easier to lie than admit you threw something of his in the trash.


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