Cougars Will Die Happy – They Aren’t Worried

You gotta laugh!.  When I first read the story that said older women who are with younger men are dying sooner, I was amused.  Some researchers with entirely too much time on their hands have come to the conclusion that older women with a younger man don't get the same benefits as older men with younger women.Couple in bed  

The German scientists looked at data from almost two million Danish couples and found that women who marry a partner seven to nine years younger increase their mortality risk by 20%. And if that isn't bad enough the risk goes up to 30% for the woman who ties the knot with a man more than 15 years her junior.

Let's suppose for a minute that the research is valid – what's a woman to do?  Two things in my opinion.  One – dont put yourself under the gun to look 25 and two – establish your financial independence, so if your young guy does fly the coop, you'll be okay.

I speak to thousands of women who are married to, or in a serious relationship with a younger man, and I can tell you they are happy campers.  They feel great, look great and well the fringe benefits have them smiling ear-to-ear.  

So, should we take this research seriously?  In my opinion, if you're in love stop worrying, enjoy yourself and live for today.  Yes, there's always the possibility that the love of your life could be killing you slowly but OMG you're going to die with a big smile on your face. Isn't that what counts?


2 thoughts on “Cougars Will Die Happy – They Aren’t Worried

  1. So, should we take this research seriously? All research data can be skewed with prejudice, it depends on the Researchers objective or thesis– nothing more. Think about it? How did they know these women died and the cause of death? Did they pull the death certificates and look at age and some how found their so call younger Partners and interviewed them to determine the length of the relationship thus concluding their premise? Did they research the so call younger Partner and then found out the older female lover died? Even if they had the correct population of women in that given Society now do we apply the word ALL to their study? Come on this article made me laugh.

  2. My lover is 17 years younger than I am. No way am I going to even entertain the thought of dying any sooner. My pan is to outlive him.

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