Sex And The City2 – Yikes Is It That Bad?

A sexy and the city2 poster I read this article in today's New York Post.  Andrea Peyser, a featured columnist for the paper has always been tough,but today she was out of control. Here are her thoughts about the upcoming Sex and The City2 movie and older women in general. Ok here goes:-
"It's time for mature, accomplished women to climb into bed, alone, and shut the light. It's not safe out there.

Like a recurring nightmare of menopause, cellulite and tragic muffin tops, the "Sex and the City" broads are back in our faces. Now, each of these ladies resembles a cackling Freddy of Elm Street in the new movie "Sex and the City 2," which opens May 27. In its inescapable trailer, we learn that, this time, the joke is on the aging babes. 

It seems the culture took a hard look at the creature dubbed the "cougar" — an oldish predator of the female persuasion — and said, collective, "No thanks."

"It was inevitable that society would turn against women's gray hair, crow's feet and belly fat. But I won't be the butt of jokes.  Act your age, ladies. And lay off the boys."

Andrea, Andrea Andrea - lighten up –  it's just a movie.  What you see on the big screen isn't reality – it's la la land – you know that.    

I hate to see women bash other women.  Why can't we all get past this media stereotype of "cougars" and focus on the real story.  We are strong, independent, accomplished and smart women who are doing what makes us happy.  Yes, for some that might include a relationship with a younger man, but that certainly doesn't mean we are predators on the prowl.    

I do not believe for a moment that it's time for mature, accomplished women to climb into bed alone and shut off the lights. Ladies, continue to have fun in bed with all the lights on and don't worry about that muffin top –  nobody cares.       


One thought on “Sex And The City2 – Yikes Is It That Bad?

  1. You are exactly right, Linda. And it sounds to me like Ms. Peyser feels threatened …… I can't wait to see Sex and the City II!!!

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