Office Affairs Are On The Rise

We spend so much time at the office is it any wonder that office affairs are on the rise?  According to one recent survey, one in four office workers gets romantically involved with a colleague at some point in their lives. And, listen to this, one in ten has sex somewhere in the office. But what strikes me is that while it always takes two to tango, it's almost always the woman who ends up holding the short end of the stick.Business man and woman

The old double standard is alive and well in the workplace and when an office romance ends it's the man who is able to hold onto his job. The old boys club sticks together.  So, even though it's an outdated idea, a woman who has had an affair with a colleague is often regarded with more prejudice than the man she has been sleeping with.

Men are better at compartmentalizing their activities between wife and lover.  They can have sex for just for sex sake where women become more emotionally involved.

So, knowing all of the pitfalls that women face when embarking on an office romance, why do so many do it?  In my opinion, it's not planned.  It starts with an infatuation and then that infatuation turns into something deeper.  And, we can't forget the power factor.  Power is one of the greatest aphrodisiacs there is.  A man or woman who is smart, confident and respected is a definite turn on.

Today, women are holding some pretty powerful positions, so office romances are blossoming with colleagues who are their juniors in both age and position. Just be careful. and be smart. You've heard it before it's never a good idea to play where your bread is buttered.


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