Beautiful Cougars Scare Men To Death

A man and woman at bar A racing pulse, sweaty palms, a faint blush – all things that happen to women when we see someone we are instantly attracted to. But for our male counterparts it could go one step beyond. Research is now showing that for males just five minutes spent alone with a beautiful stranger causes so much stress it may be bad for their hearts.  And, hold on it gets worse. If the guy thinks he is not in the same league as the object of his desire, the anxiety rate is equivalent to jumping out of an airplane.  Who knew?
Remember the extreme stress Dudley Moore was under when he encountered the statuesque Bo Derek in the movie 10. While Dudley eventually got the girl, reality can be more painful, say experts at the University of Valencia in Spain.

We all know exposure to physical or psychological stresses for a long period of time aren't good for us.  Elevated cortisol levels can cause adult-onset diabetes, hypertension, heart problems and for men impotency.

In a study that led to these conclusions the researchers discovered that cortisol levels stayed the same when two men were together but rose when a man was left alone with what was perceived as an attractive woman. While some men might avoid the enticing Real Cougar Woman because they think we are “out of their league’’, the majority will go for it but with apprehension and a concurrent hormonal response.

So, all of you fabulous Real Cougars, don't think you are the only one with butterflies in your stomach when you meet a good looking man.  What they are going through could be much worse.


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