Real Cougar Tips For Successfully Attracting Men

Every woman could use a little help when it comes to attracting men. You could, of course, continue to do what you've always done and get the same results or you could consult a professional that can deliver the results you want.  


Book - ronnie ann ryan I recently spoke to top-notch dating coach Ronnie Ann Ryan and she agreed to give us over 40 gals some fantastic tips that will greatly increase your odds for attracting the man of your dreams. 


Ronnie Ann says, "one of the first questions I ask my clients is "do men approach you?  If she says no, it is usually followed with a because - "because men find me intimating".  Ronnie Ann's answer to that is "could you be sending out signals that scream don’t come near me?"  Are you creating non-verbal self-sabotage? 


If you are having trouble attracting a man, don't worry, Ronnie Ann says it's very fixable.  Just use her five successful tips that are guaranteed to increase your odds for success. 

1. Get Out of the House
To meet men, you need to get out of the house. Take a walk in the park, in your neighborhood or at the beach. Attend a singles event or dance. Try a business networking function. Drag a girlfriend or go alone, but go!

2. Be Friendly
An approachable woman is a friendly woman. Men prefer to approach women who seem open to a pleasant exchange. It’s not just about looks. The fundamentals of flirting start with being friendly.

3. Dress for Self-Esteem
When you run out to pick up a few items at the store, you probably don’t care what you look like. That's an A+ for efficiency, but a big “F-” for allure. No matter where you’re going, pay attention to your appearance so that you feel more confident. When you look good, you’ll feel good.

4. Approachable Body Language
Studies show that attraction is 93% non-verbal. Your body language is crucial to being approachable! Tilt your head down slightly and look up through your eye lashes at a man for a flirty, brief exchange! When you catch a man looking at you, smile first before turning away. Be sure not to cross your arms - crossing your legs is OK and in fact if the leg on top makes your foot point at him, that's a non-verbal signal you are open to meet him. Smooth wrinkles in your clothing with your hands to make him want you.

5. Appeal to his Masculine Ego
If you see a man who catches your eye, strike up a conversation. It's not the same as asking him for his number or a date – I don't recommend that. But being friendly is ideal! Ask him for help,
– "Can you help me reach this?"
– "Do you know of a good place to go for happy hour?"
– "Can you get the bartender's attention for me?"

Men like to help and be needed, so you'll appeal to their macho nature.


Using these tips you will discover how you will attract more men then you ever dreamed of. It's amazingly easy!  To learn more, Ronnie Ann is offering a new group coaching course at or visit her blog at

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