Cougar Women OwnThe Seductive Advantage

Every woman knows that looking good helps you get what you want, but in today's cut-throat world, beauty isn't enough. That's why after observing many successful women I have come up with that special something that they all possess. The common denominator that really is their secret weapon.  It took  some time for me to define it, but now I have.  A seductive woman

It's something I call  'the seductive advantage'. It encompasses your social skills, your financial independence, your sexuality, your lifestyle and your spiritual awareness.  Make no mistake all of those qualities are an important part of the mix.

We all know women who aren't conventionally attractive, but exude huge appeal, charm and sexual power. Madonna, Hillary Clinton, Oprah, Meryl Streep  - not all raving beauties, but they've all achieved amazing success by using their innate social intelligence to build on what they were born with.  They have found out that with 'the seductive advantage' they can turn ordinary into extraordinary. 

Studies have shown that women who adapt themselves to prosper, by being appealing to look at, socially aware, easy-going, and sexually attractive, are inevitably more likely to succeed than those who don't.  

Basically, it comes down this.  Make the most off what you've got.  It's a dog-eat-dog world, and according to natural selection, those best equipped for the fight will rise to the top.

One thought on “Cougar Women OwnThe Seductive Advantage

  1. Without naming names, I would not say that each one of these women has ALL the qualities you mention–particularly, huge sexual power. I think, rather, that it's their passion and self-confidence that has helped them become successful. Some of these women have extraordinary talent–they've identified what they are gifted at and they've honed their skills. Intelligence also plays a part–although there are all kinds of intelligence. Certainly, Hillary and Madonna aren't intelligent in the same way.
    I think that the "big screen" of public personna has magnified these ladies' abilities. There are MANY women walking around who are incredibly intelligent, passionate and gifted. HOWEVER, we are "Oprahs" or "Hillarys" on a smaller stage–one that perhaps only our family, friends and co-workers ever know well. We'll never make it on the cover of PEOPLE. That's okay.

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