Real Cougar Fabulous in Under 30 Minutes

I've noticed lately that it's taking this Real Cougar too much time to get ready to go out, especially when I am pressed for time. Everything becomes a challenge – the hair, the makeup, the clothes, the jewelry, but especially the clothes.  I find myself in my closet screaming "I haven't a damn thing to wear".  I guess that means just one thing.  I must go shopping – oh no!.. Yes, I am one of the few women you know who hates to shop.  But, now that Spring has arrived in full force, I have no choice but to hit the stores. 

I used to be able to get ready in record time – head-to-toe in less than 30 minutes. Lucky for me the gals at Fabulous Over Forty have some good tips to make this whole getting ready in a hurry thing very doable once again. Here are a few of those tips:-   Couger getting dressed 

  • Pick out your outfit the night before. Make sure you try it on, so that you feel confident that it fits and looks good.
  • Don’t hang your clothes in “outfits”, it is much easier to find things if you keep them in sections, like pants, skirts,& tops.
  • Display your shoes. If yours are in boxes take them out and put them on shelves or in some type of display.  Also, put away those that you are not wearing like your boots. You want to make sure you can see your shoes or they might be hard to find!
  • Make sure your makeup routine is simple. Use a make up brush for foundation and keep your mascara fresh so you don’t have to keep applying it over and over!
  • Your hair. Blow drying with a round brush can make your style smooth without having to use a straightening iron.
  • Stocking & tights. Use ziplock bags and label them with color and type so you can grab them and go!

If you are spending entirely too much time getting ready, give these tips a try. Speak to you later – I'm going shopping. 


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