Real Cougar Woman Control The PurseStrings

A quick Google search will flood your screen with seminars, new business models, web sites, articles and blogs dedicated to the recently discovered art of marketing to women. Eighty five percent of all brand purchases (that’s nearly $2 trillion annually) are made by women. We have also become numb and indifferent to ads that speak to men or even worse, think of us as ma'ams.Buying

This is not surprising considering a measly 3% of advertising creative directors—the people in charge of communicating to purchasers—are women. But, change is on the horizon.Established traditional agencies are seeking out the female creatives, new female-focused agencies are cropping up all over the U.S. and Europe, and even the huge, super-star ad agencies are adding entire departments dedicated to tapping into this gold mine of a market.

Research supports that 71% of women feel that brands only consider them for beauty products and cleaning products. Which is astounding considering these additional statistics:

  • 94% the wealth acquired in the next four years, will be acquired by women
  • 69% of household health decisions are made by women
  • 74% of all NBA & NFL apparel is purchased by women
  • 91% of new home decisions are made by women
  • 81% of grocery decisions are made by women
  • 60% of the online population are women
  • 62% of all workers are women
  • 66% of PCs purchases are made by women
  • 92% of vacations destinations are made by women
  • 65% of new car purchases are made by women

All of us fabulous females are a mega force to be reckoned with.  We have a very strong voice and should be using it much more often. Now that we control the purse strings, it's time to let everyone know who we are and what we really want.


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