Real Cougar Women Know What Men Want

Women are making a huge mistake if they think men don't require lots of  tender loving care. They crave our attention and our approval just the same way we do. The difference is, men don't know how to tell us what they want, so it becomes a guessing game.  When we're not sure we buy into the popular myths about the male species, which creates all sort of problems.Adultry  

Let's clarify just a few of those myths right now.

Myth 1:  Men don't want you to earn more money than they do.  The truth is that thinking does not cut it in today's world.  The modern man is delighted when you are financially independent. Think about it.  When you are pulling your weight it takes a huge weight off of their shoulders.  Just make sure you don't flaunt your independence and make him feel that he's less of a man. 

Myth 2:  Men want you to look and perform like a porn star.  The truth is no man wants his woman to look cheap so other men think she's up for grabs. And. just because he might fantasize about sex with a woman who is willing to do anything and everything, that doesn't mean he wants that from you.  Of course, keep your sex life spicy but not to the point where you're uncomfortable.

Myth 3: Flirting will make your man jealous.  The truth is men really can't stand when you flirt. You know how you feel when your man looks at some pretty young thing in a short skirt. So, why would you think they feel any differently when you are trying to catch the eye of every man in the room?  Both sexes have truckloads of insecurities so before your unharness your seductive energy think of the possible consequences.

It's not terribly difficult to figure out what your man really wants.  He wants to feel that you really care about him and that you don't take him for granted.  If you remember to tell him how much you appreciate the small things he does to make you happy, it will encourage him to keep right on doing them.  Most men love to please and what could be more delicious than that?  


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