Cougars Understand The Sex Appeal Of A Smile

You spot a handsome man across a crowded room.  You like what you see and want him to notice you.  But, how do you get him to do that?  It's probably not a good idea to stroll over and offer to buy him a drink.  The better course of action is to give him your best big smile.  According to a recent study on various flirting techniques, a smile is the most effective way for a woman to draw a man's attention. Cougar smiling

Men are not attracted to woman who is overly aggressive.  To entice that new guy it's all about the subtle, non verbal clues.  Cougars know that combining eye contact with a smile is a pretty powerful way of letting a guy know you're interested.

In a 1985 study, researchers made an attractive woman target a man roughly 10 feet away and then see what it took to get him to approach her within 10 minutes. They tried several variations: eye contact once or several times, either alone or paired with a smile. Men don't just need encouragement. They need a lot of encouragement.

The Multiple Smiling Technique works. Your odds for success go up by a lot when you use eye contact accompanied with a smile.  

For women who worry they are not attractive enough to seduce a man there is more good news.  The number of signals you send out counts far more than how you look. Women who were approached the most were not those who were the most attractive but those who signaled most frequently.  Women who sent out more than 35 signals an hour averaged more than four approaches an hour.

I know this may sound like a lot of smiling to snag a guy, particularly for the shy among us, but nobody ever said the mating dance was easy?


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