Sex Mistakes That Take Away The Fun

Cheaters Just like men, women make plenty of bedroom blunders.  In fact, women are sometimes worse culprits when it comes to buying into sexual myths like, "Men are like a light switch, either they are turned on or turrned off." So let's start with that myth and move on from there.

  • Men get turned on without you even trying. Maybe that's true if the guy's 22, but beyond that, men definitely have times when they need more.  A show of interest from you can be very encouraging and sexy.
  • Expecting a man to know what turns you on.  Why should a man know your body better than you do?  Let your partner know what you like.  Better still, show him.
  • Not reciprocating during lovemaking.  Some women really do just lie there and expect the male partner to do all the "work."  Men love to be made love to, so don't overlook your opportunity to please your partner.
  • Thinking sex is "messy."  Whatever happens during sex is sensual not gross. Start thinking about the joy of sex not cleaning the sheets.
  • Certain positions are "unladylike."  No such thing.  If it pleases both of you go for it. 
  • Refusing to let a partner try anything new.  You can't even stand eating the same meal twice in a week, why would you expect your partner to want to have sex the same way every time?
  • Hiding sex toys.  If you need a toy to have an orgasm, admit it and show your partner what you like.  No need to be embarrassed by your sexual needs.
  • Making love way too serious an endeavor.  True for men, too, but women tend to want sex to be very serious.  I guess if it's serious, then it can't be sinful.  But who said having fun in bed is a sin?  Go ahead, laugh, giggle, and play.
  • Always being too tired for sex.  Making love doesn't take the same energy as running a marathon.  Besides, sex is energizing.  Put your feet up and relax so that you have some energy left for a little pleasure in your life.
  • A man's erection is all about you.  Big, big mistake.  A man can be under stress, not feel well, or just not have been as much in the mood as he thought.  Don't get offended – just  calmly try doing something new you think he might enjoy.

Sex is about having fun, so don't get all tangled up with what you think is right or wrong – just go for the  gusto! 


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