Jane Fonda A Real Cougar at 72

Actress, activist and fitness icon Jane Fonda has been aging with grace and beauty. But she's not going to let anyone think it happens without effort.  We all know that every decade looking fabulous becomes a little more challenging, but isn't the extra work involved well worth it?   Fonda

Last week Jane blogged about her recent plastic surgery procedures on janefonda.com,  She wanted to let other women in on her secrets for looking so spectacular at 72.

So what did she do?  She had 'work' done on her chin and neck and had the bags taken away from under her eyes.  Then she got a new hair cut so people will think it was her new hair that made her look so good.  How smart is that?

Jane says, "I swore in 2000 I'd never have anything done again but this year I got tired of not looking like how I feel.  I wanted a more refined chin so I changed my mind. I'm still a little swollen but not much and what pleases me is that I won't looked pulled or weird…or tired all the time. And my crows feet are still alive and well. I wish I'd been brave enough to not do anything but, instead, I chose to be a somewhat more glamorous grandma. So there."

Jane has the right attitude and I'm betting she keeps her younger boyfriend, music producer Richard Perry on his toes.


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