Cougar Roles Are The Cat’s Meow

Feldshuh_Tovah Tovah Feldshu is an award winning actress who has delighted Broadway audiences for decades.  She has played many iconic women including Golda Meir and Katharine Hepburn. She also delighted audiences starring in The Vagina Monogues.  But now she wants to play a cougar.

She says, "as I get older, I absolutely want to do more film and television. It’s simply easier on the body. You think you’re 30, and then you look at yourself in the mirror".  She runs four miles a day and also swims 40 laps, so she's in great physical shape,  But Tovah, like the rest of us, has noticed that her breasts aren't where they used to be.  We all know what that feels like don't we?  

Recently Feldshu has been offered a play about another icon Greta Garbo.  All that is great but to play a cougar would be fabulous.

Tovah is 5 foot-2 inches, weighs 111 pounds, and wants to do glam roles. And, who is more glam than a Real Cougar?  She's says, "I Iove my husband to pieces and he’s my life partner, but Demi Moore, she has it made, baby. That age span between her and her husband, that’s just wild. God bless ’em both". 

I couldn't agree more.  Would any of us send Ashton Kutcher packing? I don't think so.


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