Temper In The Workplace – A Male Privilege?

Business woman It's pretty common to see men lose their temper at work and get away with it, but if a woman does it she's called crazy, out-of-control or a total bitch. Anger at the office is is another example of how unfair the double standard really is.  

A new book claims that angry men will earn a higher salary, get a better job and be more successful than bad-tempered women. And female workers are more tolerant of men who behave badly than they are of women. Anger appears to remain a male privilege.

It's crazy but if a man apologizes for losing his temper, it actually works against him.  If a woman makes an apology it can help her.

I admit I have been guilty of letting go more than a few cuss words at work.  Having run a Wall Street trading department it came with the territory.  But in my defense, I was always respectful of other people and never ranted just because I was in a higher position.  

Disraeli said 'a person's fate is their own temper.  That's something for all of us to think about.


One thought on “Temper In The Workplace – A Male Privilege?

  1. In my life, this behaviour ended my marriage of 24 years, and he then proceeded to getting fired two years ago and has been out of work since. What does that tell you? Some people can't see the trees for the blue smoke they emit around them.

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